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Abstract - Vic Manning is an LAPD detective trying to catch the criminal who murdered his partner. He gets a tip-off to the whereabouts of the perpetrator but has to take an Uber to get there. This makes the Uber driver, Stu, part of the action. Stu, on the other hand, is more concerned with preserving his Uber rating; ; Thriller; release Year - 2019; cast - Natalie Morales; Tripper Clancy




John Lithgow is amazing.

http://tekimescinabji.duckdns.org/sitemap.html Ayy i knew it, it"s Batista. Stuber
director: Michael Douse
starring: Dave Bautista,Kunal Nanjiani,Karen Gillan,Iko Iwais,Mira Sorvino,Natalie Morales etc

overall rating 54/100
Stuber was a mostly fun and entertaining film that couldn"t help but fall into the forgettable side of comedy films as it just fizzled out towards the 2nd half of the film lets talk about why this is.
Firstly the film actually had very entertaining action sequences and good amounts of gore. The film did manage to keep me fairly consistently entertained with its hard hitting and edge of the seat action with inventive ways of causing entertainment and pain. The gore also added to the impact of the scenes as well and it was the perfect amount to make you love the action and not want to look away.
Next i thought the villain was fantastic. Iko Iwais has really been on a role recently with these types of characters within films. Due to his martial arts training any action sequences involving him always have jaw dropping kicks and moves that you dont see anywhere else and Stuber was no different.
However as a slight negative i would like to see Dave Bautista go more out of his comfort zone with acting and try and take on different roles. I just think he has gotton to used to playing the loud over the top hero and he needs to maybe try different roles to test his acting abilities. Also his character was incredibly dislikable during the film as well. His character was rude to everyone and became so obsessed with completing his task that he pushed everyone away and did not get close to everyone. I just did not connect to his character until the very end of the film were for me that was to late. And another thing it was a bit odd to have a blind cop as the main character. It just did not make a lot of sense and was an overplayed joke that got boring after a while as he just kept on running into everything and not getting anywhere.
Next i thought the acting and the humour was solid. The film despite not being consistent with its humour still managed to land many jokes. This was mostly due to Kunal nanjianis comedic talent. He has a natural comedic charm were even if something he says is not that funny he somehow manages to pull it off. The acting from Dave bautista natalie morales
and Mira sorvino was also solid and watchable with each of there characters shining throughout different parts of the film.
However i felt this film was unfortunately very generic which held it back for me. It still followed the generic cop comedy drama that we have seen multiple times in things like central intelligence and Ride along. With the traditional muscular character who destroys the villains and the comedic sidekick who is the funny and nerdy one who always gets in the way. The film did nothing to branch away from this genre stereotype so this loses a few marks for me.
Next my final two positives. Firstly i loved the backstory of the lead characters reasoning for targeting the villian for so long. Karen Gillan did a good job with the little screen time she had and her dieing really made you understand how the main character was feeling and made you dislike the villian even more so this was executed well its a shame there couldn"t be more detailed backstories like these throughout the whole film. And finally the plot twists were entertaining. To have Dave Bautistas characters boss who he trusted with keeping him on the mission to find the villain only for her to be the main antagonist was a smart move from the people behind this film and made for a entertaining yet short lived final act.
Finally however i have to end on my final two negatives. First of all following on from my previous paragraph about there needing to be more character arc and development i thought there was a lack of this between Dave Bautistas character and his daughter. There was never a real explanation into why there relationship was so distant just briefly talked about. It would of been nice to perhaps have flashbacks or just some form of recognition into the reasoning for there difficult relationship. And finally as the film went into its second half the humour for me started to fall flat. They were starting to recycle and overuse blind jokes and it just ended up being two guys being silly and falling over everything which is a shame as if the humour stayed consistent my score would of been a fair amount higher.
Overall Stuber is a passable cop comedy with some good but not consistent elements to it and unfortunately adds nothing new to the genre.

Then old man Lithgow sees himself in a mirror and says look at me. I"m gorgeous. 5/10 - promising comedy that featured too much graphic violence and not enough true humor (a whole lot of slapstick) for my taste. He looks awesome with beard. Stuber - autista d"assalto (2019. Stuber - autista d"assalto streaming ita. Nobody Bautista: Aaah.

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My favorite artist... iko... Salam from Malaysia sabah

Chill with all these uploads Like 3 in 6hours But this one is halarious I honestly like how the Uber driver is so Chill ik it"s a actor.

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Stuber - autista d assalto indonesia. Stuber - autista d"assalto trailer ita. Stuber - autista d assalto pdf. That was heartwarming, i mean after listening to this Interview dave could give me a batista bomb and I would be like "thank you" and hug him, he seems like the nicest guy. Mirip chou. ML ????. Stuber - Autista d"asalto. Stuber - autista d"assalto streaming. Lmao when i saw the title of this movie i thought it was going to be about a time traveler... Imagine my disappointment.



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7.9/ 10stars